Please call or text +1 5617225164or email me at ximenaolds@yahoo.com

Chef Mena
“Chef Mena”.

I have been a Private Chef for owners of Luxury Yachts/Estates and their guests for about 10 years. I completed my culinary education in Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy in Bangkok, Thailand. Also I’ve had the opportunity to go to different countries and take formal courses and learn its traditional cuisine. Including Pastry and savory cuisine in France; Pasta, gnocchi, cheese making in Italy, Paella in Spain, Tacos in Mexico, Pho in Vietnam and so on. I am also a  Vegan certified chef, knowledgeable in all dietary restrictions, low-carb, low sugar, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Healing foods etc. And I also hold the prestigious Ships Cook Certificate.

From experiences traveling the world I have developed the skill to incorporate a variety of world flavors in my dishes transforming them into creative, delicious and nutritious food. My menus are tailored to your personal preferences and dietary requests without compromising flavors. I incorporate fresh ingredients, creativity, passion and knowledge in each of the dishes I carefully prepare for you.

I’m known for my creative colorful and flavorful dishes, including tempting vegetables, sprouts, micro greens and fermented foods packed with probiotics. My style is world fusion with a twist between healthy and comfort. Basically “yummy”.

I was born in Colombia, have been living in USA for over 20 years and hold an American Passport since 2015. I am a non smoker and very active, I practice yoga every day and on my time off I choose to practice sports like kitesurfing, sup paddle, scuba diving, climbing, hiking; I speak both Spanish and English fluently, I hold a bachelors degree in Psychology but my passion is cooking.

For more information about my food  please  visit my  recently created Instagram page @privatechefmena

Please call me any weekday or evening at +15617225164 WhatsApp preferably (in case I am out of the country working for a client) to agree on a date for an interview if you’d like to talk further.

I am “Chef Mena”,

Please call or text +15617225164 or email me at ximenaolds@yahoo.com

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  1. Chef Mena is excellent! She prepared wonderful food on a recent trip despite complex dietary restrictions. She can keep it super healthy or let you indulge while on vacation. Any fish dish she prepares is perfect, especially tacos. 🙂


    1. Thank You!! I enjoy creating meals simple or complex even more so when is for people I like ; ). I loved my time in your wonderful yacht’s galley very much and I would enjoy hearing from you again if you ever need me landbased or at sea.


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