Who needs butter?

In a continued search to become a better and well-rounded chef I always look for opportunities to improve my skills through training in cookery, nutrition, ingredients, techniques, equipment etc.

During the summer cooking for European, Russian and Arab guests I developed the need to include in my menus flavor pairings that would bring my guest back to their cultural roots when they taste my food. I decided then to take a cookery class in a very prestigious school the UK that would give me hands on training on traditional European stocks and sauces.

In this blog I can only share photos of the dishes we created, and although it is impossible to share flavors through writing I am always available to cook for you any dish per request.

I have to point out that the school is excellent, the instructor chefs and their teams are very dedicated and the cooking tricks and tips were worth it.

But, it was quite an experience to find that half of the group in my class maybe even more was as shocked as I was of the amount of butter and cream used in the recipes.

The majority of my clients reach out to me looking for healthier ways of eating and personally, I have chosen to replace dairy in my dishes for much healthier options that are not associated with Cancer, Osteoporosis, Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, Lactose Intolerance, Vitamin D Toxicity, Obesity etc…

Therefore, I foresee quite a bit experimenting with ingredient search and replacement in my future to continue delivering healthy nutritious meals that have nothing to envy these “traditional” version that you find photos off in this blog.

Your ideas or suggestions are welcome and appreciated please post in the comments box below 🙂

Chef Mena