First post in my new culinary site

Chef Mena Cover

Welcome to my site. Here you will find a few general sections:

PHOTOS: A gallery of my creations.

CV: Private section for my future employers.


TESTIMONIAL: Feedback from people that I have cooked for, comments, suggestions…I would love to hear from you!

BLOG: This is the fun part. Here I write about food travel, my latest obsessions (ingredients, random ideas, Vegan, Gluten Free, Molecular Gastronomy etc ) or whatever else I’m in the mood for.   Pretty much everything goes here. Lately my theme is edible flowers like Hibiscus and Lavender.

MENU IDEAS: When I design Menus for my clients I tailor to them to their preferences and dietary requests. They are completely personalized and private. In this section I will display a few examples.

CONTACT: Here you will find where you can reach me.


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