Please call or text +34 663 452 357 or email me at ximenaolds@yahoo.com

Chef Mena
“Chef Mena”.

I have over 10 years of Yachting experience with 4 of those years as a chef cooking for prestigious Yacht owners and their guests. In 2014 I expanded my training by enrolling in a culinary school in Thailand. I graduated with honors as a “Grand Master Thai Culinary Chef”.

I have also taken courses in creating Pasta from scratch, Fruit and Vegetable Carving, Bread making, knife handling and caring, Food Safety and Catering, and local culinary workshops in different areas of the world, to name a few. I strongly feel that there is nothing better than learning to prepare Mexican tacos in Mexico, Paella in Spain and Tom Yum in Thailand. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to do just that. I have learned to cook specific cuisines in the countries of origin.

From experiences traveling the world I have developed the skill to incorporate a variety of world flavors in my dishes transforming them into creative, delicious and nutritious food. My menus are tailored to your personal preferences and dietary requests without compromising flavors. I incorporate fresh ingredients, creativity, passion and knowledge in each of the dishes I carefully prepare for you and your guest or crew.

I am “Chef Mena”,

Please call or text +34 663 452 357 or email me at ximenaolds@yahoo.com


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  1. Chef Mena is excellent! She prepared wonderful food on a recent trip despite complex dietary restrictions. She can keep it super healthy or let you indulge while on vacation. Any fish dish she prepares is perfect, especially tacos. 🙂


    1. Thank You!! I enjoy creating meals simple or complex even more so when is for people I like ; ). I loved my time in your wonderful yacht’s galley very much and I would enjoy hearing from you again if you ever need me landbased or at sea.


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